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Spring term 2023


What makes the world around us?

This term, The Bears will focus on learning a wide range of skills across the EYFS curriculum. We will be focusing on a finding out the world around us, starting with our local area and branching out as we go. We will explore the differences between villages and towns and start to think about using simple maps to show what is nearby.

Learning will be based around understanding the world and how the world can be different in different places and at different times of the year. Concepts we will be covering

  • Diversity
  • Transformation
  • Community
  • Influence
  • Rights

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

As well as developing skills, the children will work towards an authentic outcome which is designed to encourage real ownership of their learning.

This term, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply knowledge and skills practically as we design and make different things for specific purposes. These may help us or others to fix a problem or enhance an experience. The possibilities are endless!

Reception Wow Events

We will be looking to transport the children around the world on an imaginary flight. They will experience
some different foods and cultures and maybe even pick up a bit of the local lingo along the way! We will also have an opportunity to parents to come in and play and have a look at some of the things the children have been doing.

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Children will start to build strategies to help them take on individual and group challenges. They will learn howto become more resilient and problem solve to keep moving forward. They will also learn about building relationships within groups as well as more special relationships that occur within families.

Physical Development

In PE, the children will be building on fundamental movement skills. They will be encouraged to consider how they move and balance to be able to travel, stop and change direction quickly, accurately and safely. This will help them to develop the necessary skills needed for team games and sports in later life. In the classroom, the children are also provided with a number of opportunities to improve fine motor skills through threading, play-doh, scissor work and pencil control.

Communication and Language

Children will continue to participate in a range of listening games. They will be encouraged to join in with
rhymes and retelling longer familiar stories. They will also begin to think more about using specific language to do with position and direction. Phonics continues to move on at pace and language and annunciation is developed in these sessions. Children are constantly engaged in purposeful and meaningful conversations with adults and peers and set expectations for socialising are further cemented.


Specific Areas

Our focus books for the term are What the Ladybird Heard and Rosie’s walk. These books provide a great platform for developing language and give a number of opportunities for writing. The children will use phonological knowledge to:

  • Write instructions
  • Create speech between characters
  • Form descriptions
  • Use positional words to be more specific.

Of course the children will also continue to read and listen to a wide variety of other books and stories on a number of topics.


Maths this term is focusing on comparing amounts, partitioning numbers, distance and shape. The children will explore ‘teen’ numbers and how they are made. Maths sessions are as practical as possible to really get concepts stuck in their minds.

What will Reception explore?

Understanding the world

This term the children will be making observations about the world around them, They will investigate the physical changes that happen throughout winter and spring and discuss the reasons for this. They will explore simple maps and how they can be followed and will even create their own for familiar places.

Creative: Expressive Art and Design

In the Spring term, children will learn to express themselves through art and movement. They will explore mixing paints and using a range of methods to apply it. They will also start to explore how music affects feelings and how it can be used to change the mood.

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