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Year 6

Spring Term 2023


What makes earth angry?

This term, Year 6 will focus on learning a range of skills across the curriculum. Learning will be based around particular concepts and what makes the Earth angry? There will be a focus on geography and some history as well as cross-curricular writing opportunities in other subjects.

Year 6 will explore new concepts including:

  • Sacrifice
  • Sustainability
  • Common Good
  • Fairness
  • Change

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

This term, Year 6 will work towards an authentic outcome, this will encapsulate a variety of subjects. The children will create their own website that will use a variety of tolls to convert their learning. The children will link their work to their website and update it constantly with a focus on audience and purpose and ways to make their website more engaging.

Core Subjects


In English the children will have writing opportunities based around their focus text – Two Degrees. The text is based on global warming. The children will create narratives, non-chronological reports and explanatory texts about biomes.


Learning about: human rights, food choices, health and well-being and acceptance.


We will be finishing our unit on evolution in the first few weeks. We will then move onto the human circulatory system. This will include looking at diets, making line graphs to show our heart rates before and after exercise and what the blood is made up of.


We will be looking at ratios, decimals and percentages while focussing on their SATs preparation.


Through our RE days at school, the children learn about their own and other’s beliefs.

In year 6, the RE question is ‘How is life like a journey?’

Our RE days will include lessons on- Sikhism, Buddhism and Humanism. Lessons will incorporate some of our concept words.


What will Year 6 explore?


Year 6 will be participating in the Green School Project. We will be completing tasks that are about climate change and the impact of it and what we can do about it. We will be completing field work tasks and presenting our findings on our website.


History will be taught on occasions and the focus will mainly be to put our geography units into context. We will look at the effect of pollution and try and plot at what points in history that pollution became as high as it is.


We will be exploring invasion games and dance units this term with a focus on tram work and how to work well together.


This topic the children will look at construction and create habitats for animals in our local community that may have had their homes affected by humans and construction.


From the Ancient Maya to modern-day street art, children look at how artists convey a message. Exploring imagery, symbols, expressive mark making, and ‘chiaroscuro’ children consider audience and impact to create powerful drawings to make their voices heard.


Children will work to create their own website and upload their work to it to help inform others of their learning.

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