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Year 6

Spring Term 2024


What makes earth angry?

This term we will have a large focus on Geography. We will be looking at Carbon Emissions and fossil fuels and the effects of global warming. We will look at physical and human geographical features in the UK and beyond, we will look at contributors to global warming and what our own school does and what it could do to reduce its own carbon footprint. We will look at longitude and latitude as well as grid references and case studies of different countries.

How we'll be doing it...

Authentic Outcomes

Our authentic outcome this term will be a range of activities that come from our Zero Carbon Emissions scheme and will include assemblies by the children, presentations in class, writing to parents and educating everyone in school about carbon emissions.


Our wow day will be all about renewable energy and conducting fieldwork activities including measuring wind speeds, analysing local maps and plotting possible places the school could place a wind turbine.

Spring Trips

Our trips for the rest of the school year will be at Haworth art gallery, Harry Potter Studios tour and an RE trip yet to be confirmed.

Core Subjects

In maths, we will be looking at: ratio, algebra, decimals, fractions and percentages as well as area and perimeter. This term will have a heavy focus on arithmetic and reasoning and problem solving as we head towards the SATs. Some afternoon sessions will be used for revision and to cover the rest of the math curriculum before the test in May.


Our focus this term will be on the human circulatory system. We will be looking at all the main components of the system and its importance. We will look at what makes up blood, how the heart works and how diet can impact all of these things.


In PSHE, we will be looking at health and well-being. We will look at Learning about diet, oral hygiene, physical activity and the facts around immunisation. Exploring rest and relaxation and how they affect physical and mental health. Strategies for being resilient in challenging situations and planning for long-term goals.

We will also look at safety and the changing body. We will look at the reliability of online information, the changes experienced during puberty, how a baby is conceived and develops, the risks associated with alcohol and how to administer first aid to someone who is choking or unresponsive.


Year 6 will be spending the term looking at the following sports: netball, fitness, dance and tennis. Within each we will focus on the skills required in each sport and how to effectively develop techniques in each to improve performances.

Year 6 will participate in a number of RE days including: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. The question in our class is ‘How is life like a journey?’ and all our RE days will be centred around this question.


In ICT this term we will look at coding. We will look at the use repetition and selection in programs and using variables in programs. We will design and create programs using decomposition and design programs to accomplish specific tasks or goals. The children will use logical reasoning to develop systematic strategies that can be used to debug algorithms and programs.

Our French unit is ‘The Weekend’. Children will be able to tackle unknown language with increased accuracy by applying knowledge learnt from ‘Phonics Lessons including awareness of accents, silent letters etc.


Children will be revisiting skills learnt from the first term.


In DT, children will make pop-up books that will inform the younger children in school about global warming and looking after the environment. They will focus on and understand the range of uses for paper and card. Develop knowledge of how materials react when used in certain ways and know how to use levers to transfer movement. They will gain an understanding of pivots and how placement can reduce and increase the range of movement.


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