Staff Arrangements Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find listed below details of classes for next term.

Reception: Mrs Sutcliff

Year 1: Miss Sutton

Year 2: Miss Trafford

Year 3: Mr Carr

Year 4: Mrs Powell

Year 5: Mr Griffiths

Year 6: Mr Furness

PPA cover: Miss Dugdale

DHT: Miss Egan who will take on the role of curriculum leader as well as many other duties.

We say goodbye to some of our valued members of staff at the end of this academic year. I am sure you will join with me in thanking Mrs Banyard, Mrs Hawkins and Miss Gervis for all their hard work over the years.

We welcome Miss Sutton who will teach in Year 1. Miss Sutton will be known to some children as she completed her final placement with us in Reception two years ago and has been working at other schools during this last academic year.

All the children will be having a transition morning on Tuesday 16th July where they will spend some time with their new teacher. All teachers will meet to discuss their current class with the new teacher and therefore will be able to pass on any information they feel is relevant as well as discussing likes/dislikes, friendships etc.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer break,

Mrs Rowan

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