Reception Blog

Reception- 01/11/19

Welcome back to the busy half term on the run up to Christmas. This half term we will be focusing on celebrations and each week will have a different focus. This week we have welcomed the children back and they have shared their holiday news. They have all had a go at writing a simple sentence about their holiday. They used a word bank to help find the words I, went, to and my. I was very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and how proud they all were with their writing. This half term we will be building up their ability to write by focusing on letter formation and writing lots of words.
In maths this week we have talked about estimating and that is all about having a ‘good guess’ the children began to grasp this concept well.
Next week we will be focusing on Bonfire Night. We will be talking a lot about safety and carrying out some great art work.
This term Reception and Little Bells will be performing the Nativity performance. We will arrange the parts and costumes as soon as we can so that enough notice can be given to parents. The date of the performance is Tuesday 19th December 2019 and it will take place in the afternoon. We will confirm the time nearer the time.
Many thanks
Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team