Reception Blog

Reception- 06.03.20

This week we have continued with our circus theme and the children have made dens. They planned and designed their den after looking at different styles of circus tents. The children loved building their tents and worked well as a team. Also this week the children made small card tents by colouring their tent in a repeating pattern. Most children used two colours but some children tried to use three colours in their pattern.

Also this week the children have been continuing with their knowledge of number bonds to 10. They are really starting to play around with numbers now and combine numbers mentally.

I am going to start to send home word lists weekly with words on linked to the phonic sounds taught during the week. Please let your child sound them out and blend them together. If they want to practise their writing by practising the words or creating a sentence with them in that will help promote their independence.

Next week we are looking at The Greatest Showman and Dumbo and learning some of the songs which we will perform at our Stay and Play on the 1st April. As parts of next week’s theme we will be looking at being unique.

Many thanks

Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team