Reception Blog

Reception- 07.02.20

This week we have focussed on The Little Mermaid and under the sea. The children have loved learning about Ariel and have made playdough mermaid tails with loose parts decoration. The have also researched animals under the sea on the Ipads which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children learnt the story Rosie’s walk by creating their own actions, they then planned and wrote their own story based on a character from under the sea. They have impressed me greatly and I look forward to see the writing skills develop as we move towards the summer term.

Also this week the children have recapped on doubling – by adding the same number again, they have practically halved different cake items which the children found yummy and finally they have painted an under the sea picture with sponges which we are hoping to display out in the corridor.

Next week is our final week of Disney; we will be focusing on the Lion King. The children will be looking at the characters, setting and songs from the film.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Sutcliff and the Early Years Team