Reception Blog

Reception- 10.01.20

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2020. I hope everyone had a resting and
relaxing Christmas! The children have all come back recharged and keen to
continue with their learning. The children have REALLY wowed Mrs Hall and
myself this week with everything they have remembered from the first term in
Reception. The have retained all their number and phonics knowledge and we
have hit the ground running.
This term we are learning about all things Disney whereby each week we will
be focussing on a different film. This week we have been talking about Frozen
and the children have loved carrying out a science experience with ice. We
started off by predicting what we thought would happen to the ice when it
was mixed with different items such as salt, hot water and vinegar. The
children then waited for the timer to go off every half an hour to came back to
the carpet and observed the changes. The children then used great vocabulary
to describe what had happened. The following day the children wrote a
sentence about what they had observed the previous day. The children used a
very basic word bank to help form their sentences. This week we have also
introduced finger spaces and full stops. The children are excited by how well
they can write. We have created a WOW writing wall based on their fantastic
efforts this week.
Earlier in the week we recapped all our number knowledge from the previous
term and the children did really well. Any opportunity for your child to interact
with money and coins would greatly benefit them.
Next week we will be moving on to the fabulous film Toy Story and the children
will be making junk model robots. Any materials you could send it would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your kind words, cards and presents at Christmas; Mrs Hall and
myself really appreciate it.
Many thanks
Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team