Reception Blog

Reception- 11/10/19

This week in Reception we have been continuing with our Mr Men theme. The children have designed their own Mr Men using common 2-d shapes. The children have identified initial sounds in the Mr Men’s names such as Mr Tickle and Mr Grumpy. The children have been doing really well in phonics and have started to write simple cvc words – please allow them to show you at home.
Yesterday the children spent the day talking about Islam. The questions which Reception focused on was ‘How do we show that we belong?’. We talked about our uniforms and who else wears uniforms such as nurses and police officers. The children drew themselves in a special uniform. In the afternoon we read ‘The Swirling Hijab’ and the little girl used her mum’s hijab in many different ways such as a blanket and to make a den. The children were then given material and they made great dens together. Good team work!
Our number of the week has been number 4. The children have been able to count out amounts, recognise 4 on a clock and started to talk about making amounts with money.
Next week we will be focusing on number 5 and we will be looking at Piet Mondrian and creating a piece of art work to go on display in the corridor.
Next Thursday we have our parents evening and stay and play session. Stay and play starts at 2.30pm. We will open the side gate on to the playground at half 2 and then you can come into the classroom. We are focusing on Maths. Feel free to invite grandparents too. We will then move into parent’s evening at 3.20pm – 7pm. Whereby I will be around for an informal parents evening. If you would like a formal 10 minute appointment please speak to myself.
Thank you for your continued support
Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team