Reception Blog

Reception- 17/01/20

This week we have been focusing on Toy Story. The children have been very excited as it has been a big DT week whereby the children have been building models of robots. They started on Tuesday drawing designs for their robots. They then used the boxes and other junk modelling equipment to build their robots using glue and masking tape. Then on Thursday the children painted their models to match their designs. Finally, on Friday they evaluated their creations in their new writing books.

The children have chosen some special wrapping paper to cover a new writing book. This is to be used when we complete special pieces of writing. The children are very excited about using their books to show off their fabulous writing skills.

Next week we will be moving on to Ratatouille. We will be investigating vegetables and making ratatouille together. The children will be using chalks and pastels to draw the different vegetables.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team