Reception Blog

Reception- 18.10.19

Welcome to the final newsletter of the first half term. The children have had a lovely end to the final week of the first half term in Reception. We have all created wonderful paintings in the style of Piet Mondrian. The children started the week by practising using a ruler so that they could draw straight lines ready for the final piece of art work. When confident, they moved on to drawing horizontal and vertical lines to create squares and rectangles, finally they used primary colours to paint their shapes. They look fantastic and will make a wonderful display.
Also this week we have made some autumn themed crispy cakes which went down a treat.
I have sent home a letter formation booklet covering the letters we have learnt in phonics. Please allow your child to practise these at home. Any opportunity for them to write is greatly beneficially to them. Allowing them to mark make in any form helps develop writing skills such as chalking on the ground outside, using a paintbrush and water to create shapes and creating squiggles in the steam in the bathroom mirror. I have also sent a pack of numbers 1 – 10. Allow the children to recognise, order discuss one more and one less and count out amounts of the specific number.
Thank you to everyone who came to the stay and play session is was really successful and we look forward to planning a Christmas themed one hopefully in December.
I have sent home P.E bags so that white t shirts and blue/black shorts can be put in ready for after half term when the children will be getting fully changed for P.E sessions.
Thank you for all your support over this last half term. Your children are well settled and I look forward to moving into the next half term whereby we will be learning about celebrations and preparing for our small nativity performance in the final week of term.
Have a lovely half term
Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team