Reception Blog

Reception – 19/9/19

This week we have started the time table a little more in class. We have introduced number of the week starting at 1. We have moved the car along our ‘Number Street’ and the children can easily form number 1 using chalks and pencils. Next week will be driving along to number 2.

We have also started phonics this week as a whole class we have carried out some phase 1 listening games and begun to learn ‘s’ and ‘a’. Next week we will continue to learn ‘t,p,i,n. After that we will be grouping the children and myself and Mrs Hall will have a group.

On Monday 23rd September I am holding my reading meeting; please try to attend either the 3.30pm or 5.30pm meeting.This will help to inform you of your child’s reading journey through school.

We will be holding a Stay and Play session for parents / grandparents on Thursday 17th September 2.30pm-3.20pm. We will carry out small activities and it allows parents to see their children in the setting. More information to follow. This is the same night as parents evening. I am not holding formal 1-1 meeting as the rest of the school but I will be in my classroom until 7pm that evening so everyone can come and look at their children’s file and have an informal chat. If you wish to have a formal parents meeting please let me know.

Thank you for all you support, have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team