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Reception – 21/6/19

This week we have been talking about different types of transport we could use to go on holiday. We started the week with a speaking and listening activity. The children were given a type of transport and they had to give reasons why you could or couldn’t use it for going on holiday. They thought of great reasons e.g a hot air balloon would be good for an adventure but not for fitting suitcases and a family in. We then moved on to looking at old and new transport. The children were fascinated with the steam engine and the idea of using horse and carts instead of cars.

Also this week the children have been identifying and making amounts with coins. Some children have found this rather tricky and we will be revisiting this next week. Any opportunities at home for your children to play and interact with money is greatly beneficial.

Next week we are moving on to talk about Spain. Many of the children have visited different parts of Spain or have some knowledge of what’s it’s like to visit a foreign destination. We will be making passports and on Thursday morning we will be carrying out a large role play whereby we will be exploring visiting an airport and getting on a plane. The children will watch a safety video and sit in rows and enjoy snacks as you would on a real flight. If your child would like to bring a bag or small suit case into school on Thursday they are welcome to do so. This means they can ‘check their bag in’ and get fully immersed in the experience. If they would like to pack items in their suitcase they can do but it is their responsibility to look after their belongings.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team

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  1. Naila Bhatti says:

    Hi Kate’s it’s naila eshals mum can it be any sort of bag cuz all my trolleys nd suitcases are in storag ??

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