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Reception – 28/6/19

Reception Blog 28th June 2019

This week has quite literally flown by. The highlight of the week has been the aeroplane role play which took place on Thursday. The children were so excited to come to school. I believe some were up and ready waiting at the door at 8am ready to board the flight. The children were given their passports and had to be responsible for them otherwise they couldn’t get on the flight. They checked in their suitcases and got given their ticket. They then waited in the departure lounge until the flight was ready to board. We eventually boarded the flight after a short delay. The children listened to a safety video and made sure their seat belts were fastened. We enjoyed some Spanish cuisine in the form of rice, bread and cheese. We then carried out some Spanish dancing and watched a snippet of football. The flight landed safely and we returned to class in record time. The children were amazing; they loved every second of the role play. Very proud of them all!

Also this week we have been buying items from my shop. The children have used the correct coins to buy the different items.

I can’t believe we have only got 3 full weeks left in Reception. This year has flown by and I hope you all agree they have all made great progress and have had a lovely first year of their school journey.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Sutcliff and the Early Years Team

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