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Reception – 5/7/19

The children this week have quite literally blown my socks off. We have been very excited to talk about Toy Story 4 this week and the children independently made Forky as part of a DT afternoon. The following day the children wrote how they made Forky. All their writing was unbelievable they used words such as first, second and finally. The children have come such a long way this year from learning how to form letters to writing detailed sentences, stories and instructional texts independently. I couldn’t be more proud of them. We do expect a lot from our 4 and 5 year old. However, it gives them a great foundation for moving into Year 1.

I also set them a challenge this week to perfect their number formation ready for year 1. Many of the children went home and practised. Then on Thursday afternoon they had to show me independently that they could form their numbers well in order to receive a certificate. Again their determination, positive attitude to learning and their overall wonderfulness showed me they could all do this.

I am excited to enjoy the last few weeks with them knowing they are ready for Year 1.

Next week on Monday I have next Year’s Reception class visiting for the day so my class will be with Miss Dugdale and Mrs Oddie for the day. We also have our school trip. The children will be provided with a packed lunch from school but will need to bring an additional throw away drink. Children are asked to wear school uniform but can wear an alternative form of footwear. We do have their wellies in school but I am happy for them to wear trainers.

Thank you for your continued support

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team

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