Reception Blog

Reception Blog – 02.07.21

Hello July, two more weeks left in reception class! It makes me feel emotional as I write this, thinking that we have 10 more days together. I have planned lots of exciting things to end our year on a high. Next week we are continuing with our learning about holidays, transport and safety in the sun. Then the final week will be our transition week, the children will write a letter to Mrs Sutcliff asking her any questions about year 1. Then she will come into our class and answer the questions and read a story.

Sports day was a real success, it was lovely to see the children enjoying the races and cheering each other on. A fabulous team France, united with our face paint flags. Photographs have been added to showbie. We had a yummy picnic lunch and ended our day with ice pops and a story!

For literacy we shared the story Barnaby Bear goes to France, the children made their own passports, built the Eiffel tower and then we sorted forms of transport into sea, land and air. We talked about the transport we use to get to school and other transport the children had experienced.

In maths we have looked at recording distance and length using different resources. We talked about how we can record and compare different lengths. Over the weekend you could get your child to measure things and put them in length order.

Welly walk this week was all about the games, we played duck, duck, goose, hide and seek, tig and what time is it Mr Wolf? The children really enjoyed being outdoors and worked well together.

For PSED this week we talked about relaxation and how we like to relax. The children then drew a box and added items that help them to relax. We had a mixture of things; blankets, pj’s, bubble bath, ipads, beds, sofa and teddy bears. We practiced some breathing exercises to help us to relax. Then listened to relaxing music and did some mindfulness colouring. A lovely calm time in reception.

Next week we have our outdoor stay and play, Wednesday 7th July at 2pm. We will be having a cake stall to support the children with their learning about money. Any cake donations would be gratefully received.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Drugan