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Reception Blog – 07.05.21

This week we have focused on the story; The Three Little Pigs. The children have listened to the story, listed materials they would use to build a house, we have built houses during our welly walk then had turns at being the wolf and knocking the house down. We have talked about the materials and which are stronger. Then we linked this to our own houses and what materials had been used to build our houses. We asked if anyone had a house built of straw, sticks or bricks. The majority of children said they house was built using bricks.

In maths we have looked at addition, some children were mixing up the addition symbol and the equals symbol. This has been recapped this week. We have been using 10 frames, numicon, cubes and bricks to represent numbers. We will introduce subtraction in a few weeks and the symbol.

For guided read the children helped to read a story together on the screen, they had some questions to answer about the story, we talked about the characters and then completed a phonics activity finding the sounds in the text.

In PSED, the next lesson was focused on resilience, the children used a talk partner on the carpet to discuss different ways we can be resilient and not give up.

Friday, was our RE focus day, today we looked at Christianity. We looked at different religious buildings and then talked about the buildings we had seen. This linked in nicely with our focus story this week. The children compared differences in various religious buildings to our own houses.

In phonics this week, my group have been looking at the oo sound, the long oo (moon, zoo) and the short oo (sounds like u, book, took). This has been a tricky concept to grasp so we have squeezed some extra lessons in this week. Miss Piggotts group have been really working hard on blending the sounds together to read cvc words. She is also providing an intervention group to help the children grasp blending with lots of fun games and activities. She will be sending homework out, to help support your child at home.

Next week we are focusing on, The Elves and the Shoemaker. We have many fun activities planned.

Take care, Mrs Drugan