Reception Blog

Reception Blog – 11.06.21

Reception have had a busy first week back after half term!

In maths we recapped on doubling numbers to 10. The children watched Mr Robot eat bricks to find out the double of a given number. This worked well as the children were able to understand the concept of adding a number to itself to find the double. Due to the fabulous weather, the children took their learning outdoors and used dominoes to recognise and match doubles together and used chalk to draw butterflies, by adding dots on the opposing side to work out a doubles sum.

In literacy our focus has been Summer. The children have identified the change in season, discussed a range of things we can do in summer and shared ideas of where they would like to visit. The children have also read the story “Sammy the Seagull” which focuses on Summer Safety. They listened attentively to the story and shown understanding of how we protect ourselves from the sun and why we do this. The children packed a summer safety bag and written a list of things we need to take to the beach. They have also completed fabulous summer caption writing this week and I am happy with how the children are becoming much more confident in their independent writing.

Welly Walk Wednesday involved a walk around Belthorn Playground to identify the natural changes in their school environment. The children have drawn pictures of buttercups, daisies, red leaves, the green grass, buzzy bee’s and we even seen an aeroplane cross the sky. We predicted where this was travelling to.

Following on from last term in Understanding the World. Children have recapped on features of their own environment and discussed similarities and differences in relation to animals and where they live. The children have chosen an environment they wish to live in and have created this using a cardboard box and materials to consolidate their learning. Look out for children bringing home a Farm, Jungle, Sea or Arctic environment, as they may want you to pack a suitcase and head there this Summer.

In Computing, children have used ‘Jit’ on the Ipad’s. They have enjoyed selecting different background templates and shown understanding of why we must select the right tools and brushes in order to create a paint picture. They have also practiced increasing and decreasing the size of their clip art images. Children were re-assured that it is ok to make mistakes and shown resilience by pressing the undo button to correct any mistakes. This was lots of fun.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Miss Piggott