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Reception Blog – 18.06.21

This week has been fabulous! We have had lots of outdoor learning opportunities. In literacy we have been learning about summer, types of holidays and looked at what the seaside was like in the past compared to now. The children have had lots of writing opportunities including; writing a postcard, writing about a summer picture, listing items you may need for a holiday and in guided read answering questions on a comprehension.

In maths we have looked at odd numbers again as some children were unsure and on Friday we looked at money. The children looked at real coins, we talked about the value of each coin then put them in order, we played money bingo and a sorting money into values game. Our role play area changed into a shop and each group had a turn of playing in the shop and pretending to buy things using coins and by looking at the price on each item. If you are in any shops over the weekend please would you let your child have an opportunity to pay for an item, it would really help embed their learning and I am sure it would be very exciting for them.

Welly Walk Wednesday was really creative this week, we spent the whole afternoon in the outdoor area, which was such a treat with the lovely weather. We started by drawing observational pictures of living things in the environment, then we moved onto chalk drawings then finally painting outside with water. It was really nice to see all the children enjoying our amazing outdoor area and learning new skills.

On Thursday we looked at the world map and talked about countries/towns we may have been to or have known someone who has been there. The children shared lots of stories about where they have visited. Then over the next few weeks we will learn more about that particular country or town.

On Friday afternoon we made Father’s day cards and talked about who was special to us, we shared the story Super Dad, then had a bit of a party to celebrate Miss Piggott completing her final placement and qualifying as a teacher! Well done Miss Piggott and thank you for being in our class for the last 12 weeks. We wish you lots of luck on your future career.

Date for diary – outdoor stay and play, teddy bears picnic, Wednesday 7th July, 2pm – 3pm. details on showbie. One parent is welcome to attend; it is weather dependent but it would be lovely if you could make it.

Take care.

Mrs Drugan