Reception – 04/10/19

Welcome to this week’s newsletter. The children have started their reading journey really well they are starting to progress through the reading books and are very proud to share their new found knowledge of reading words independently. In phonics we are starting to make CVC words by using sound buttons to write words. The children’s formation is improving each session.
Our number of the week is number 3. The children have started to share number around them. If you would like to send in a photo of numbers in their environment at home we can add it to our display such as house number, numbers on car reg or other numbers they can spot.
Our topic for the next few weeks has moved to Mr Men and Little Miss so we have talked a lot about feelings this week and have introduced a feelings chart which the children are changing depending on how they feel. They worked together to paint and create four large Mr Men and a Little Miss which is displayed in our classroom. We focused on four different shapes and have therefore got Little Miss Christmas (a little prematurely).
Next week we will be continuing with talking about the different Mr Men characters and the children will be designing their own. On Thursday we have a school focus day all about Islam, if you have anything at home you wish your child to bring in to share with their friends about how they celebrate a particular religion feel free to send it on Thursday.
Reminder – Stay and Play 17th October 2.30pm onwards
Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team