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Reception- 24.01.20

This week we have been focussing on Ratatouille and have discussed vegetables and where they come from. The children have drawn images of the vegetables using chalks. They picked out the colours really well and their finished pictures look great. We have put them together in a book in our book corner.

Also this week we used the vegetables to follow a recipe to make Ratatouille. The children loved feeling, smelling and chopping the veg up. They waited patiently all day whilst the food cooked in the slow cooker. All the children tried the finished dish. 16 members of the class liked it and 8 didn’t like it. Maybe we have a budding chef amongst us?

We have had Miss Kirkbright start with us this week. She is a third year student teacher and will be teaching sessions in Reception beginning 3rd February up to 15th May. I will be supporting and overseeing everything she teaches. The children are very excited to have her in our class and I hope you join me in welcoming her.

We have finished the week with a busy couple of days. We talked on Thursday about the religion of Buddism and the children reflected on what makes them happy and how they care for animals in their homes.

We ended the week celebrating Chinese New Year; the children tasted Chinese food and enjoyed learning about how it is celebrated.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutcliff and the EYFS Team