Year 2 – 04/10/19

Well we have finally fished our non-chronological reports all about Blackburn Rovers and they are brilliant! We have used lots of features that we have learnt about and our writing is improving all of the time.
In PSHE this week we have defined the difference between bullying and teasing and the children could confidently explain this.
In Computing this week, we have taken landscape photographs and painted the photos we have taken. Our intention was to paint a picture of our local area.
We have finished place value in maths and are now beginning to add and subtract. We used Cuisenaire rods this week to help us to understand inverse.
In PE we used our local village to help create some sequences with actions and ways of travelling. We travelled through the village and created actions for different landmarks e.g. the old Chapel School and the Rec. This linked nicely with the clue hunt we did a few weeks back and our local history and geography learning.
Wow week 5 completed!
Have a brilliant weekend and keep reading, reading, reading!
Miss Trafford