Year 3 – 04/10/19

Another week gone and I am really starting to appreciate the old saying ‘Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?’
We have had a great week in Year 3 and have worked really hard on extending vocabulary and expanding sentences. The children did a fantastic job of developing menus for Charlotte and presented then brilliantly in Good Work Assembly.
The children have also been working extremely hard on addition and subtraction. They have been using practical resource to explore what happens when there are not enough 1s to take from and are ready to embrace the challenge of more formal, written methods.
In Science, they have begun to plan investigations to explore questions and find answers. Can a seed grow without soil? Will a plant grow without heat or light? They are looking forward to continuing their observations throughout next week.
A quick reminder about swimming kits: We do go swimming every Monday and your child needs a kit every week.
Home reading is looking really good this year, so keep up the good work and have a fantastic weekend.
Mr Carr .