Year 3- 06.03.20

This week began with a fantastic performance in King George’s Hall. Rehearsals were long and we had a few bumps along the way. The highlight of the night was definitely the teacher song! For a short while, I was a little worried about being on my own singing, but luckily, some other blokes turned up to help me sing dum dum dum to an awestruck audience.
Joking aside, thank you to all the parents who managed to get there to support us on the night, the children all had a great experience.
A big thank you also to parents who attended Parents’ Evening on Thursday. Anyone who couldn’t make their time, please contact school and make another one.
Friday saw us all dressing up, following the theme of our class novel. Another huge thanks for parents who got costumes together so we could all participate.

Basically, the message of the week is thank you.
Have a great weekend.
Mr Carr