Year 4 – 04/10/19

Hola, welcome to this week’s blog.
In Maths we have been working hard on adding two four digit numbers, starting with place value counters and working up to the formal written methods.
In English, we have been looking at stories with a dilemma or an issue. This week we have been exploring stories and picking out the issues or dilemmas and the difference between the two.
In History we learnt all about disease in Victorian Britain, it was gruesome but we made some great links to how and why we are vaccinated in modern Britain.
In Geography, we are continuing to answer more searching geographical questions by researching all about the Amazon rainforest and then putting together a presentation for the rest of the class.
In PE we are working on balancing, travelling and jumping skills to formulate a sequence.
In Music we have been learning the notes G and A on the recorders and glockenspiels. Playing to ABBA’s Mama Mia.
Thank you to everyone who has logged on to the Mathletics and started to complete the homework.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Powell

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  1. Kathryn says:

    How do I get Jensons mathletics password please?

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