Year 5- 01/11/19

A very busy start for year 5 this week. We have had lots of visitors, started new topics and also practiced for our Harvest Assembly which is next Wednesday. We will be delivering the message of being grateful, as we have lots of thing to be grateful far. It is hard to empathise with other people in the world that are not as fortunate as us but we will give it a good go in the assembly.
In Maths we have moved onto statistics. I have tried to liven things up by making some football stats, music stats, rainfall in Belthorn and more. The children have made line graphs and answered questions on data to show that they can interpret it successfully.
On Tuesday we had Jackie come into school to talk to the children about hate crime. The children were very grown up and asked some brilliant questions. In the afternoon Ian from UK insulations (the factory in Belthorn) came in to talk about his success in business. He had used maths as a foundation towards his success in business. He was absolutely brilliant; engaging, thought provoking and hopefully inspiring. It was good to make links with local industry and try and raise the profile of maths in school. The children asked some amazing questions.
So… it has been a busy week and the children have been outstanding in all areas. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the term.
Have a nice weekend and enjoy Halloween tonight.
Mr G