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Year 5 – 04/10/19

It’s been another busy week in year 5. I have marked the Rose Blanche pieces of work and have been blown away. For their first piece of work I have been extremely impressed. I can’t wait to show them to parents!
Mrs Lenge was in our class on Monday. He is working with the children with some STEM work. The children will be using the Makey equipment which allows everyday objects to be connected with the computer.
In Science we looked at surface tension and got hands on with some soapy water solution. The children made predictions about what items would float and talked about how surface tension in created.
In Maths we have finished place value. We are now onto our next topic which is adding and subtracting. We did the end of topic test and was again impressed with the learning they had retained. A great start to the academic year. New mathletics homework will be set. Thank you to all the children that completed their task.
Thank you for your continued support
Have a brilliant weekend
Mr G