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Year 6 – 04/10/19

Well,well,well. Here I am, every week, writing a blog that I think no-one is reading (bar Sarah Egan and Kathryn) but it happens that I have people who are actively reading. I think it stands at seven people maybe (the Spartans only had 300 and if the film is to be believed and they achieved lots) and with these seven people there may be no limit to what we can achieve…Brexit, the colonisation of Mars, the possibilities are really endless.
So, to another week in year 6. In literacy we have started a poetry unit and I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the work produced in the cold write and for those who struggled I eagerly accept the challenge of converting them into poetic geniuses. Today may have been my favourite day as we literally read poetry and discussed the themes and features. Bliss. I even cried at one poem and so did a few children. The absolute heart of literature is, in my opinion, to evoke emotion and our literacy session today certainly did that.
In math we have sat our first arithmetic test (of many) so I can gauge just where the children are and who might need what support and where. We have used LBQ to solve problems involving the four operations.
In Geography, the children investigated how certain land is formed and in particular the difference between the formation of a V-shaped valley and a U-shaped valley. They taught me a thing or two about them which is a nice role reversal. In History we used drama to explore important characters within the Viking period and in science we performed a practical experiment about beaks and their suitability; we used spoons, chopsticks, small flat stones (I stole these from a Belthorn garden for which I am sorry…kind of…I will return them…maybe).
I know what you are thinking especially if your name is Mrs Rowan…what a teacher he is and what a week my child has had…You see, the more people who read and comment then the more I am spurned on to create amazing lessons (for the record I will still try anyway…it’s kind of in the job remit).
The CFHL consists of:
 Mrs Rowan
 Sarah Egan
 Moriarty (my old nemesis you…)
 Maria
 Rehani Wemi
 Jessica Pickering
 Joanna Griffiths
 Kathryn Boyes
So, since it is poetry week and since I have a plethora of new readers. Tell me your favourite poem. Mine is and always will be a poem called Long Distance II by Tony Harrison. Read it, please, and enjoy it – cry if you need too. I certainly did.
All the best,
Mr Furness

4 thoughts on “Year 6 – 04/10/19

  1. Sarah Egan says:

    I do love a good poem! One of my favourite books when I was at Primary School was Please Mrs Butler and my sister and I still quote lines from it now! As a teacher now, I look at it from a different angle and so many of the poems are all too relatable! Also….at a certain time of year, I do love a bit of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’!

  2. Joanne Griffiths says:

    Not really a poem that has ever made an impact though I do like poems that rhyme and I love writing them for family 😀. Lennon says his favourite in class was Wilford Owen ‘dulce est decorum est ‘ and he knows it by heart. He loves anything War/army related and repeats that one with enthusiasm !

  3. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Eve recently introduced me to a poem by Wendy Cope called An Unusual Cat Poem, dark but amusing! She has a lovely book called A poem for every day of the year, I’d recommend it, the content is quite varied and at the beginning of each poem it tells you a little about the poet/meaning.

  4. Kathryn says:

    I don’t have a favourite poem as I’m not much of a poem reader, sorry!

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