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Year 1 – 13/8/19

This week we have introduced our topic of ‘What is special about where I live?’. We have thought about what we know already and what we would like to know. The children have also looked at the past and present and sorted pictures accordingly. In maths this week we have focused on counting and ordering numbers. The children have completed number lines with missing numbers which go backwards and forewards. In English the children have been writing all about themselves including how they describe themselves, what their favourite food, book and things to do are. We have been looking at tints in art and added white to a colour to see what happens when we mix it. The children have been showing me their amazing pencil rolls and egg rolls in PE, along with their caterpillar walk, bunny hops and frog jumps.

If you couldn’t make the meet the teacher meeting and you would like a copy of the PowerPoint or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 

Have a good weekend

Miss Sutton

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