Year 1 Blog

Year 1 – 19/9/19

We have been super busy this week in Year One! The children have been focusing on one less and one more than a number this week in maths. In English they have been continuing to write about their family and friends and which superpower they would like to have. In science the children have been learning about their senses. This week in art they have focused on ‘shades’. They gradually added black to a colour and observed it go darker and darker.

On Thursday the children went on a clue hunt around the village and found letters to make up the word ‘Belthorn’ which they had to arrange when they got back to school. They learnt about the history of some of the places in Belthorn, where things are around the village and also had a play on the park; they were very tired after walking up the big hill! Please encourage your children to try to get changed by themselves in the morning as we are encouraging them to get changed independently for PE.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Sutton