Year 1 Blog

Year 1 – 26/9/19

Once again we have been super busy this week. The story we are focusing on for the next few weeks is The Three Little Pigs. At the start of the week we came into our classroom and a big mess had been made in the role play area. After some investigating, we realised it was the Big Bad Wolf! Yesterday we received a letter from the police as they wanted our help to find him. We made wanted posters and have put them around the school in hope that somebody will spot him. In maths we have been focusing on ‘greater than’ and ‘fewer than’ and now know the symbols. They knew that the crocodile eats the greatest number as he needs to be full. They really did blow my socks off with this. We have looked at houses in the past, what we like and dislike about our local environment and did a taste test in science.

Information about show and tell – Our timetable is so busy and jampacked that we struggle to fit show and tell in at the end of each day. To stop this, we have decided to do one group a week on a Friday. This week it is green groups turn – they know who they are. Your child doesn’t have to bring anything in, just if they would like to.

Please could earrings be removed on the days of PE or bring plasters if this can’t be done.

Thank you. Have a good weekend, Miss Sutton