Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog – 02.07.21

Well it’s safe to say it’s been a busy week. We have been chefs, sports champions and fit a quick holiday flight in too. No wonder I’m tired after everything we have managed to fit into this week along with trying to juggle unpacking a house, it’s safe to say I’m ready for weekend.

What a fun week we have had starting off with sports day. For some this was their first every sports day and the children really impressed me with their positive attitude towards the races and the team spirit working together in the afternoon sessions. I’m sure by next year we will be allowed parents to join us for the day. I have sent a photo of each child on Showbie so that you can see how much fun they had.

We then jetted off on Wednesday and took part in our aeroplane role play. The children made passports and tickets and well as retrieving information from the departures and arrival screens. The children then checked their cases in, enjoyed a book in the departure lounge and finally boarded the plane. They watched a safety video and had a safe flight returning to Belthorn without any turbulence.

On Thursday the children made their fruit salads. Their ability to chop the fruits was brilliant to see and their enthusiasm for trying all the fruits and adding them into their fruit salads was lovely. It was a successful activity hopefully the cooking next week will be as successful.

We have managed to squeeze in lots of phonics recaps and maths linked with money this week. We have been recognising and counting coins. Any opportunity for your child to interact with money will greatly benefit them. Next week we are moving on to time.

Your child had brought home an invitation for our afternoon tea next Friday. Please let me know through Showbie whether you will be able to attend. It’s one family member per person based on the current guidelines.

I can’t believe we are moving into our penultimate week of Year 1.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Sutcliff