Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog – 09.07.21

This week in Year 1 we have moved on to a new focus in our topic week. We have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. The children have found her fascinating. The children have made lamps, wrote facts about her and created a puppet and acted out her life story.

We have finished all of our maths units for the year this week. We ended on time by reading o’clock and half past and discussing units of time and what we could do in seconds, minutes and hours.

In literacy we have finished our unit on shape poems. The children have used similes and alliteration in their poems about ice lollies and the sunshine. Not only have we wrapped a unit up we are also squeezing in one final unit on instructions. The children carried out a cold write based on instructions for their fruit salad they made last week. Their cold writes were great so hopefully their hot write (final piece) next week will be perfect. No one can accuse us as slowing down for the end of the term.

Thank you to all who attended the afternoon tea today. The children thoroughly enjoyed preparing all of their food this morning and loved serving it to all the grown-ups this afternoon. It was nice to have everyone back together and it showed how wonderful Belthorn school life will be again when we gain some more normality and parents can attend events regularly once more.

Next week I will continue teaching until Wednesday. I will be hearing all the children read and setting a bank of books to read over the summer. It is important that your child continues to read in order for the progress to continue as they move into Year 2.

Wednesday – your child will need a carrier bag to take all their books and tray contents home.

Thursday – bring a board game in to play in class with a friend.

Friday – party and film day. Nothing needed all will be provided.

Friday 3.10pm school is out for summer!!!! I think we are all ready for a break without the nerves of whether the bubble will be closing. I’ve only been back since March but I’m most definitely ready to spend time with my family and put the laptop away for few weeks.

Next week will be a great end to Year 1 life.

Mrs Sutcliff