Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog – 11.06.21

This week the children have returned to school refreshed and ready for their final half term in Year 1.

We have had a grammar focus this week learning about plurals, prefixes and suffixes and finished the week learning about questions. The children have been spotting all the new grammar knowledge in books throughout the week.

In maths we have been working on halving and quartering not just shapes but quantities too. Quartering proved to be quite tricky and so any opportunity to quarter quantities will greatly benefit the children. I will recap this over the coming weeks too.

In our topic work we have moved on to learning about the Wright Brothers. The children have found it very interesting how they came to invent the aeroplane. The children have compared aeroplanes from the past to aeroplanes now. We will be having another WOW day in Year 1 on Monday 28th June. We will be roleplaying going on an aeroplane (it might be the only flight we all take his year). The children are welcome to come to school in their holiday clothes and bring a small bag or case which they can take with them on their journey.

More information will follow over the coming weeks regarding our Year 1 afternoon tea on the 9th July at 2pm. We will be alternating over the next few weeks for our DT unit by having a practical cooking session one week followed by a theory lesson the week after. Next week all the children will need a small Tupperware in school ready to make fruit salad on Wednesday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutciff