Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog – 16.04.21

We have most certainly hit the ground running this week with our learning. In Literacy we have introduced a new story called ‘On the way home’. We have carried out a cold write and wrote our own story from the title by predicting what we think might happen based on the front cover and knowing the name of the main character. We have moved on to name all the characters and write adjectives to match each character. The children have gained lots of independence this week by writing their own learning intentions in their books.

In maths we have finished our unit of numbers to 50 and breaking numbers down into tens and ones. We have moved on to measuring in nonstandard units of measuring starting off with cubes and then the children chose an alternative resource to measure with. The children stayed focussed and carried out some great learning.

This week we have started to just use the eBooks and most children have read at home. We are going to hear all the children read on Mondays and Thursdays please keep comments in the yellow books and if you would like a new book for your child please send me a message on Showbie I am happy to upload more throughout the week.

Our new topic has been launched ‘Was it a blast to live in the past?’.

The children shared their ideas of what they thought the past included … dinosaurs, no cars, no technology, babies, horses instead of cars and they found it very amusing to find out my dad used to have his bath in the living room and the toilet was outside in a shed. Hopefully my Dad will be visiting in a few weeks to share his upbringing and how different it was from today.

Next week we are looking at a new book called ‘Stanley’s stick’. Over the weekend can you collect and bring a stick into school which can be decorated and used throughout the topic.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutciff