Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog – 23.04.21

I will start with a thank you for the forest I now have in my classroom. The children have been engaged in our new topic this week ‘Was it a blast to live in the past?’. We have read ‘Stanleys Stick’ whereby Stanley uses the stick for many different imagination opportunities therefore we have decorated our sticks into wands and then have waved them to transport us back into a time when Covid didn’t take over our lives. The children then wrote a letter to Zog to tell him all about what life was like. They pulled on their knowledge of letter writing from before Easter and remembered the features well.

In maths this week we have finished our unit on length and measure and next week will be moving on to weight. We have uploaded some photos on Facebook of our maths learning outside from earlier in the week.

This week as part of their science investigation the children made predictions and carried out an investigation with a whistle and what happens in certain situations such as being a long way away from the sound, near to the sound and if we cover our ears when the sound is played.

Next week we will be continuing our literacy all about the story ‘On the way home’. The children will be creating their own similar story and building on their knowledge of speech in texts.

Please continue to keep reading the ebooks. Even though we only hear the children read in school Mondays and Thursday, I check in their yellow reading record book daily in case a new book is needed.

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sutcliff