Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog – 26.03.21

Well what a term! Started off with most of the children carrying out home learning and some children being in school during the lockdown, to finally the news we all wanted, schools were back open and what a week of change and emotion. Not only were all the children excited to be back together it was the week I returned and Mrs Weir’s final week so it was a lot of change for the children and a lot for us all to get used to again BUT, the children have been AMAZING and Year 1 have been the talk of the school this week with their wonderful letters they have wrote to Boris Johnson asking for him to open different activities they are missing like visits to the beach, sleepovers at Nanas and trampoline parks. They have remembered the features of a letter well and have self-assessed theirs and their partners work which was a lesson we all enjoyed. Lots of mini teachers amongst them. Having shown Mr Furness (who is our literacy lead) their writing he was rather impressed after working with them in November he said there has been great improvement from all so well done to all.

This week in maths we have carried out assessments which has gone well followed by a few days on tens and one (or units as I kept correcting myself over). The children learnt to count in 10s, break down numbers into 10s and 1s and interact with the practical resources.

In our afternoon lessons the children loved looking at their photos you sent over the weekend and used great Geographical vocabulary to describe the human and physical features. If you haven’t seen already there is a great photo of the class on Facebook when we went out to look at the human and physical features in our local environment. The children also particularly enjoyed Thursday afternoon’s science with Mrs Wright discussing changes in humans from babies to adults. The children got to look at baby photos of all the staff in school and they had to guess which photo matched which member of staff. A fun lesson by all.

Thank you for all your support over the last 3 weeks. We will continue to steam ahead after Easter as we enter the final term of Year 1. We will be adding lots more topic sessions answering the question ‘Was it a blast to live in the past?’.

Have a wonderful Easter break

Mrs Sutcliff and Mrs Wright