Year 2 Blog

Year 2- 01/11/19

Although it’s been a shorter week, we have still managed to pack in lots of learning. In English, we have focused on grammar and have been using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions for time and reason. Each day we also do handwriting practice and I can see progress with the children’s use of ascenders and descenders.
In History this week, Mrs Banyard returned to talk and answer questions about her life when growing up in Belthorn. The children asked some brilliant questions using their knowledge of Belthorn and everything they learnt last term.
In Geography, the children created their own keys for a map of Belthorn. They know Belthorn so well! Next we’re going to go further afield to Blackburn…..
In D and T we have started to develop our ideas for our project- designing a protective structure for Little Bells as our school field is extremely windy in winter! We sorted shelters into protective and non-protective.
Thank you for bringing in the children’s scripts for the school play. Next week we will start learning some of the songs and the script together.
Happy Halloween and weekend,
Miss Trafford