Year 2 Blog

Year 2- 06.12.19

This week has been very busy with plenty of play practice and a few tests to complete. The children have really shown off what they know! I was nearly brought to (happy) tears when the children performed on Wednesday afternoon- their expression was brilliant!
In English we have been looking at features of letters and have started planning our ideas for letters to Mrs Christmas. The children have had to think about who is special to them and what they could ask Mrs Christmas to get for those special people for Christmas and why. You might remember the Marks and Spencer’s advert from a few years back- this has been our inspiration. 
In maths we have continued with money. On Friday last week I was on a course so Miss Egan taught the children and they had to buy ingredients to make their own ice cream cone and they then got to enjoy this during golden time.
Thank you for all of the costumes. The children are going to look fantastic!
Happy weekend,
Miss Trafford 