Year 2 Blog

Year 2- 10.01.20

Welcome back! Myself and the children can’t quite believe that we are writing 2020 for our date
now. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The children have enjoyed sharing their stories from
the holidays.
For the next 4 weeks Miss Abbott will be with us in class and will be teaching some of the timetable.
Miss Abbott is a trainee teacher and the children really enjoyed getting to know her before the
Christmas holidays too.
In English, the children have been focusing on tenses. They have been using the past simple and past
progressive. They’ve had lots of practical activities to secure their understanding. They are able to
identify regular and irregular past simple verbs.
In Maths, we have recapped learning from last term to embed key skills. The children have been
reasoning with place value, adding, subtracting and solving missing number problems.
We kick-started our new topic this term with Disney Cluedo. The children were horrified when they
arrived at school and Disney characters had committed some awful crimes! They enjoyed
investigating and being detectives.
Have a lovely weekend, Miss Trafford J