Year 2 Blog

Year 2- 11/10/19

This week the children have worked really hard across every subject as per. In English we have started our poetry unit and have been learning all about The Magic Box. The Magic Box was written by Kit Wright and the children will use this model to write their own poems next week. Our Guided Reading has tied in nicely and we have been collecting words in a range of poems to discuss. We have focused on alliteration as this is a feature of The Magic Box.
In spelling lessons we have been looking at and learning about different homophones.
We have been tackling a tricky concept in Maths this week; inverse. We have explored inverse and have used to it check addition and subtraction calculation. The children have persevered well!! As our school target this term is time we have been looking at reading time to the o’clock and half past daily. The children and becoming more familiar with and confident with these time readings.
In Music we have explored tempo and this linked well to our PE lesson where the children created a dance sequence and performed to music of a slow tempo.
We are very excited as our new Christmas play arrived this week! Next week the children will have their scripts to have a go at practising their lines over the holidays.
Have a brilliant weekend,
Miss Trafford