Year 2 Blog

Year 2 – 13.03.20

This week we have learnt about quarters, described Shrek’s personality and appearance, carried out some research in D and T and coded in Computing… along with lots more! It’s been a busy week as per!

Miss Leyland is now teaching quite a bit which is enabling me to work with targeted children in class and carry out interventions to help boost some children in reading, writing and maths.

In D and T our project is to design a pendant for good work in our classroom using Belthorn values so the children completed tally charts and block graphs to present their findings.

The children have completed some mock SATs this week. I mentioned these at parents evening and the children weren’t aware they were SATs and just saw them as regular tests that they complete termly in school anyway (they were even excited to do tests!). I’ve been really impressed with how the children have performed. We have also spent some time going through these with lots of discussion. The children have competed 2 maths, 2 reading, 1 spelling and 1 grammar test. They’ve worked so hard. Please ensure you read, read, read at home. It really does help with the childrens’ fluency which is so important to be able to cope with paper 2.


Thanks to Mr Dutton who is going to be doing football with Year 2 during golden time, a few times termly. The children had their first session this week and loved it!


We have a nice little countdown by the children in class for my wedding…..15 days!

Happy weekend, Miss Trafford 🙂