Year 2 Blog

Year 2- 14.02.20

Wow, can’t quite believe it’s the end of another term.
This week we have finished our Fire Safety powerpoint presentations in computing. The children have produced really informative presentations with some vital messages to be shared with others. It was great for some children to share them in good work assembly.

This week in English the children have had lots of opportunities to write in role and predict using the story of Mulan. I am really impressed with the grammar and punctuation they are using on a daily basis and applying across the curriculum.

In History this week, the children answered some questions about a photograph of a young girl who they soon learnt was the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland and actually was a young girl from Accrington called Alice- CS Lewis was a friend of her families. We then went on to learn why Florence Nightingale was a significant person in history.

We have also learnt a new note on the recorder. I think every day this week at least one child has asked if it’s time for music yet- the recorders are definitely a hit!

Have a lovely half term and see you soon.:)
Thanks, Miss Trafford