Year 2 Blog

Year 2- 17/01/20

This week in maths we have started to multiply. The children have learnt that multiplication is repeated addition and have started to use the multiplication symbol. They’ve used peg boards to support their concrete understanding.

In English, we have started to read our novel ‘Mulan’, we have looked at how Mulan begins and the children have innovated their own openers. They’ve also started to learn to use apostrophes of possession!

In History, the children time lined the main events in Walt Disney’s life after learning of his struggles last week.

The children have created some brilliant art work this week with Miss Abbott. They learnt to trace and decorate a skull following our Human Form Topic and our question ‘does it matter what you look like?’.

In Computing this term we are learning to create our own powerpoint presentation to share information. This week the children planned to create a fire safety powerpoint sharing the knowledge they learnt from Daniel our fire safety visitor last week. They have recorded some key facts so they can get started on their powerpoint next week.

I sent a text earlier in the week to explain that I was hoping to include the children in some of my wedding planning. The children have kindly said they would be happy to write the place cards! So I’m excited for this and I’m sure our guests will be too!:)

Happy weekend, Miss Trafford