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Year 2 – 28/6/19

This week in Year 2 we have explored stories with heroes and have started to plan our own stories with a villain, victim and hero.

In Geography, we have explored more aerial photographs of Belthorn and have identified the human and physical features of our local area.

We have been reading The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig and have made predictions, sequenced events and learnt some new vocabulary.

We have perfected Mama Mia on the recorders and are confident to play the B, A, G chords for the tune…but we also know chords C and E too.

We have been learning to compare and measure mass in maths this week. Today we weighed different things outside in the sunshine and know that a bean is 1g.

Earlier in the week we also explored our school and looked at past photographs and spoke to Mrs Banyard about how school used to be. We couldn’t believe that the school didn’t have gates in the past and animals often got on the playground! Miss Trafford showed us parts of the school that had changed since she was at Belthorn as a child too.

Hope everybody has fun at our school festival. Happy weekend,
Miss Trafford

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