Year 3 Blog

Year 3- 08.11.19

This week we have been investigating light and dark. We have explored how reflective materials can be used to help us see things in the dark. The children also enjoyed using mirrors to complete tasks including changing the directions of lasers!!
We have now begun our maths unit on multiplication and division. Our focus is currently the 3 times table but will move on to the 4s soon.
In English, the children have looked at how adverbials can be used to add detail to a sentence and they discussed how they are used to answer questions about when and where an event has happened.
On Thursday we had our second visit from the sing together team and were introduced to the next set of songs for the March performance. The children did a great job and were praised for how quickly they got the hang of some tricky songs.
Another super week.
Keep up the hard work.
Mr Carr
We are back on swimming. This is every Monday and children need to have their kits.