Year 3 Blog

Year 3- 10.01.20

Welcome back! I hope everyone has managed to enjoy at least some rest over the Christmas break
and is ready to get straight back into learning for 2020.
Year 3 have been focusing on grammar for this week and have looked at how determiners are used
to help them identify which things they are describing. Our maths unit will look more at
multiplication and division and the children are investigating the effects of multiplying any number
by 10.
Our History and geography work throughout this term will be centred on the Ancient Egyptians. The
children enjoyed a joint introduction with Year 4 on Thursday and began to think of some fantastic
questions to discover answers to over the coming weeks.
Much to our dismay, we did not swim this week. However, normal swimming will resume on
Monday so please ensure children have their kit with them.
I would also like to send a gentle reminder that children should be reading at home at least 4 times a
week. This is essential to improve the fluency and speed of reading. It also gives parents a chance to
see where children are up to.
Mr Carr