Year 3 Blog

Year 3- 14.02.20

We have had an incredibly busy week, in Year 3 this week. We have been consolidating all of our writing skills to create a short, descriptive story linked to our novel, ‘Secrets of a Sun King.’
The children have tried really hard to include adjectives, adverbs, adverbials for place and time as well as some similes. The standard of writing from everyone has really made me proud.
On Wednesday morning, we were excited to have a visit from Blackburn Museum. The Egyptologist gave us loads of information about life and traditions in ancient Egypt. He even showed us how to mummify a Pharaoh, and explained why it was so important to their beliefs about the afterlife. As we continue to look at ancient Egypt, our geography work has started to bring us to Egypt today, and we will be looking at what it has to offer for the modern holiday maker.
Year 3 have been working with money, in maths. They have been adding and subtracting to find totals and change and have demonstrated a wide range of methods for their working out.
A fantastic half term, well done to everyone for your hard work.
Keep up the reading over the break.
A final note: Swimming will continue from the first day back so please ensure kits are ready to go.
Mr Carr