Year 3 Blog

Year 3- 15.11.19

This week the children have been really getting stuck in to the ins and outs of magazine articles. They have had the chance to do a ‘feature’ treasure hunt and were able to explain reasons for having headlines, pictures, captions and columns in. They have begun to plan their own article to tell everyone about the miracle of Charlotte’s Web and will produce final copies next week.
They have continued to explore light and dark in Science and have learnt how they need to protect themselves from potential sun damage to their eyes and skin. They designed some new hats and glasses that could be helpful for this.
In a very busy designing week, the children have also looked at some Victorian inventions and considered some of the new technology they invented to help with their explorations.
The highlight of the week has to be biscuit tasting! The children will be looking at developing some Christmassy treats over the next few weeks. Of course they will need to do some market research and have a range of biscuits from different countries that will need to be tasted, sorted and scored for taste, texture, smell, and appearance.
The children have worked very hard this week and are ready for a relaxing weekend.
Mr Carr.