Year 3 Blog

Year 3- 18.10.19

This week has seen the conclusion of our investigation into how plants will grow in various places. It was very interesting to discover that our cress plants grew best in the fridge with no light or warmth.
The children have also been working on using keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste repeated phrases into a typed poem. This will really help them as they begin to develop blogs on a topic of their choice.
I have been very impressed, this week at the efforts made with formal written methods for addition and subtraction and was really happy to see children using previous work using practical equipment to help with exchanging.
The children have enjoyed looking at different species of spiders and have been using their research to put non-fiction reports together in an interesting and engaging way. It has been good to see all the children engage well with the task and it has been great to see some children come to life in this unit.
Over all, all the children have had a fantastic first term in Year 3. They have shown great maturity and super levels of enthusiasm for the topic.
A quick note that parents evening is on the first and second evening back after the half-term break. Please check your children’s bag for information about your allocated times. Have a well-deserved break and come back refreshed ready for the Christmas ‘slog’.

Mr Carr