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Year 3 – 19/7/19

Well, here we are. Then end of another academic year. We have been on such a journey together and we have all grown as a little (and ever growing, it seems) family.

This week, we have worked to the bitter end. We have written our traditional tales with a twist and done lots of editing and improving.

In Maths we have recapped formal written methods of the four operations and read temperatures on scales.

In Computing we have been completing our coding unit, solving bugs and creating algorithms and researching all about the jobs our organs do.

I am so proud of the development and resilience the children have achieved and shown. Y3 has been tough, it is a big jump from KS1 but they have embraced it and knuckled down.

I hope you all have a fabulous summer. See you in September when we continue our journey into Y4.

Mrs Powell

Please Note:

Because the children have worked so hard and not moaned about still burning those pencils out, I have said they may bring a toy in on Monday. No computer/electronic gadgets please, keep the toys classroom based and no guns (Nerf or otherwise)

Over summer – please be practicing the children’s times tables. There is a statutory test next academic year the children will sit. Also, I am sending home the Y4 word list in their reports to be looked over during summer. I’d like to give all the children the best start to year 4.

Reading books are being collected in so read books of your choice over summer.

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